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Useful tips for staying on Pokljuka

The plateau is known for its forests, mountain pastures (Javornik, Lipanca, Uskovnica, Zajamniki, etc.), and winter sports facilities. It is also a common starting point for mountain hikers. The yearly Biathlon World Cup meets are held at the Pokljuka Biathlon Center

  • The closest supermarket is either in Zgornje Gorje or in Bohinjska Bistrica, both around 15 minutes from Pokljuka. We recommend that you already bring all of the necessities with you since there is no food or drink in the apartment.
  • The water on the Pokljuka plateau is drinkable.
  • On Pokljuka plateau there is a lot of snow in the winter, so do not be surprised if you have to pick up a shovel during your vacation.


Planina Zajamniki

Mountain pasture Planina Zajamniki is situated on the western edge of Pokljuka, which is the reason for breathtaking view on Julian Alps.

It is known for that, that huts are elongated into a street.

Planina Zajavornik

Planina Javornik is panoramic and still active mountain pasture, which is situated below the summit of 1716 meters high Veliki Javornik or Ženiklovec.

From the mountain pasture, on which stand some wooden cottages, a beautiful view opens up on Storžič, Tolsti vrh, Julian Alps, Karawanks with Stol and Košuta, nearby Bela peč and already mentioned Ženiklovec.

On the mountain pasture are numerous shepard cottages. During the summer the cows are on the pasture, during the winter you can find cross-country skiing tracks here.

Biathlon stadium Pokljuka

Biathlon stadium Pokljuka hosts biathlon competitions since the year of 1992, when they first hosted an European Cup in Biathlon. World cup was first hosted on Pokljuka in December 1992. In the year of 2001 it also hosted the World Championship. 

Ski slope Zatrnik

Small skiing slope Zatrnik is available for children during the winter. You can find more information on the link below.

RTC Zatrnik

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