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Activities and benefits

Access numerous benefits and discounts that you receive when staying at Agenia accommodations in Bled.

Julian Alps Card

The Summer Julian Alps Card of benefits can be issued to all our guests who stay with us in Bled for at least 3 nights between June 1st and September 30th. You can find more information about the summer benefits provided by the Julian Alps card HERE.

The Winter Julian Alps Card of benefits can be issued to all our guests who stay with us in Bled for at least 3 nights between December 15th and March 3rd. You can find more information about the winter benefits, such as Bled Ski Bus, on the link HERE.


In Bled we work with Bled Breakfast team, that delivers breakfast goodies from local farms and bakeries every day. You can check the details and order your breakfast at their website BledBreakfast.com.

Restaurant Špica

We politely invite all of our guests of Bled apartments in Restaurant Špica situated right next to the lake. We will award you a 10% discount on all your meals. Make sure to let our staff know that you are our guests prior to being served otherwise we cannot offer you the discount. For a discount you can show your reservation on the telephone.

Altitude Activities


Upon signing up and reservation of activities on the web page Altitude Activities you can use a discount code “agenija”.

VIP Shuttle

For your travels around Bled and in Slovenia, you can rent transportation services from VIP SHUTTLE by calling +386 30 379 203. For more information, visit their website HERE. 


Lake Bled

Once upon a time, there was a tectonic basin in its place, carved out over the years by the Bohinj glacier. Along its path, it was obstructed by a massive rock, which it diligently ground down, leaving behind only the present-day island. As the ice melted, the basin was filled with water, giving rise to Lake Bled, which amazes divers with its depth, reaching up to 30 meters in some places. 

Bled Island

After Christianisation in 745, the ancient Slavic temple was replaced by a church, dedicated to the birth of Mary. The church was renovated in 1465. The special feature of the church was 52 metres high free standing bell tower. The panoramic bell tower has one large and two small bells that still resound today. The church got its current baroque image in the middle of the 17th century. The famous staircase was also built in that period. The staircase has 99 stone steps. There is a tradition still alive today, that the groom has to carry the bride up all 99 steps if the couple wants to get married in the church on the island.

Bled Castle

The castle's history dates back to 1004 when the German king Henry II conferred the estate of Bled on Bishop Albuin of Brixen. At that time, only Romanesque tower protected by the wall stood at the place of the current castle. The first castle was built by the bishops around 1011 for defensive purposes. The bishops of Brixen never lived in the castle; therefore, it did not have any exuberant rooms.

Vintgar Gorge

In the immediate vicinity of Gorje, approximately 4 kilometers northwest of Bled, lies a gorge carved out by the Radovna River. Across the gorge, there is an educational walking path constructed with wooden bridges and Žumr's galleries. The path concludes with the magnificent Šum waterfall, which is 13 meters high and is one of the three river waterfalls in Slovenia.

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