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24/7 guest support

We are always available for our guests

A dedicated team

Our team provides thorough cleaning, fresh bed linen and the basic supply of toiletries.

Effective marketing and a reasonable pricing policy

We follow the tourists’ needs, new trends in advertising and update the apartments’ profiles daily

Stress-free renting

Our approach to property management gives you more spare time and better profit

Be present

We are present everywhere that guests are searching and booking

Your property will be found on platforms such as Airbnb, Expedia and Booking.com. We also work with foreign travel agencies from the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Israel.

Cleaning service

High hygiene standards

All our apartments are cleaned and prepared according to the same system. There are always two members of our team who are simultaneously responsible for cleaning each apartment. We have a steady team of attendants who know the apartments well. The washing of linen and towels is done by a professional laundry service.

On-site guest assistance

Quick and effective on-site problem solving

Should our guests require assistance, we are always available.


Questions and answers

Send us the real estate information through our webpage. We will let you know within 24 hours if your property is compatible with what we offer. If so, we will then request a more thorough meeting to take place with you at your property.

Agenia will secure all documentation necessary for renting, set up the sales channels, provide bookkeeping and submit the guests’ information for tourist tax calculations. It will also be at your guests’ disposal 24/7. Agenia will also handle all cleaning, laundry deliveries and the preparation of the apartment for renting.

You can stay at your property as much as you like, but do keep in mind that the more you personally use the property, and thus close it to potential guests, the fewer sales you are likely to have.

Agenija d.o.o. charges 33% of every reservation. This cost includes issuing invoices, guest check-ins, tourist tax reports, managing monthly statistics, usage and laundry of linens/towels, final cleaning after check-outs and communication with guests.

Our contract comes with a cancellation notice of 1 month. The owner must accept and fulfil all reservations booked prior to the cancellation notice.

Your property can be rented by anyone who books through our webpage, sales channels or via email.

Invoices are issued by Agenia.

At Agenia we accept properties that suit our demands. The important thing is that the property is well maintained and in a good location.

Agenia always takes care of cleaning, even when the owner of the property stays in their accommodation.

Our properties are normally rented between 150-200 days per year.

Low-seasons don’t bring as much profit but from a sales perspective it is essential that the accommodation stays open.

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